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Welcome to the home page of the Biophysics Group of the Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology I (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)



Francisco Montero paco@solea.quim.ucm.es
Federico Morán fmoran@solea.quim.ucm.es
Juan Carlos Sanz Nuño juanca@solea.quim.ucm.es
Abel Galcerán Calante abel@solea.quim.ucm.es
Yoel Rodríguez yoel@solea.quim.ucm.es
Arantxa Hergueta arantxa@solea.quim.ucm.es
Antonio Sánchez Torralba torralba-en=solea.quim.ucm.es
Daniel Thai thaidam@solea.quim.ucm.es
Félix Olasagasti felix@solea.quim.ucm.es
Gorka García gorka@solea.quim.ucm.es
José Luis Vázquez jl@solea.quim.ucm.es

Friends in the WWW:

Juan Julián Merelo
Miguel Ángel Andrade
Javier Tamames
Montserrat Bárcena
Enrique Muro
Javier Herrero Sánchez

Research Areas:

  • DNA-drug interactions 
  • Evolution 
    • Quasispecies theory 
    • Catalytic networks of self-replicative species 
  • Chemical Kinetics 
    • Metabolism design 
    • Metabolic channelling 
    • Transition times 
  • Neural Networks 
    • Models of ontogenetic development of visual system connectivity 
    • Prediction of 2D protein structure from CD spectra 
  • Metabolic networks 
    • Design and optimization of metabolism
    • Transition and response time 
    • Transit time
  • Molecular Evolution and Origin of Life  
    • Quasispecies and hypercycles of replicators
    • The origin of cell
  • Data Mining and Tools 
    • Self-organising neural nets
    • Genetic algorithms
  • Artificial Life 


Other Interests of the Group: